Technical and economic indicators

  • Area of the projected territory 17,8 he
  • Building area 16,1 he
  • Population density of the residential area 212 person / ha
  • % of building area 24.3
  • Total area of buildings 118 076 m2
  • Total area of public premises 9380 m2
  • Total area of residential buildings 108 696 m2
  • Apartments area 91 806 m2
  • Number of apartments 2427
  • Number of residents 3411 persons

The site allocated for design is located south of the city of Ivanovo and its long side is parallel to the federal highway Ivanovo - Moscow. The site is located 8.4 km from the city in the area of the shopping center "Textile Max". On the northern and southern sides, the site is bounded by village roads. On the east side there is a federal highway, on the west side there is a 35 kV high-voltage line. On the north side, the site is adjacent to a gas station. The area of the projected territory is approximately 17.4 hectares. Currently, the site is free from buildings and is occupied by green spaces. The approximate elevation difference within the site is 1.5 - 2 m.

The territory of residential development is represented by the development zones of 4-storey sectional residential buildings, which are located at a distance of at least 50 m from the federal highway.

The basis of the architectural and planning organization of residential development is an ordinary layout in the zone of a residential street, which is adjacent to the public center and diluted with public buildings. On the western side of the site, the development of residential groups is organized by the creation of closed residential formations with south-facing courtyards.

Public and business zones are located in accordance with the level and purpose of institutions. In the central part of the complex there is a community center, consisting of a kindergarten for 150 children, a multifunctional building and attached premises, which house socially significant objects of everyday (approximate) service.

Recreational areas. The project provides for the creation of a zone for physical education for the residents of the complex.