Technical and economic indicators

  • Land area 1331,3 m2
  • Building volume 6262 m3 (in view of the basement)
  • Built-up area 505,5 m2
  • Total area 1032 m2
  • Living space 280,5 m2
  • Number of living rooms 6

The plot allocated for the design of a residential building is located at the intersection of Central and Yuzhnaya streets in the village of Ignatovo, Ivanovsky district. The house is located in the depths of the plot at a distance of at least 3m from the edge of the neighboring plots. The angular location of the site has brought characteristic features to the composition of the residential building. The main facade of the building is oriented to st. Central, with which the approach and access to the site is organized. The entrance to the house is asphalted, and the territory of the site is landscaped and improved. The drainage of surface water is organized by a vertical layout to the carriageway of streets.

The designed residential building is two-storey and has dimensions in the axes of 19.1 x 20.7 m2. External walls are made of silicate bricks with decorative bricks and partly plaster. The thickness of the outer walls is 640 mm. Internal walls thickness - 380 mm. The overlap is made of precast concrete slabs. The roof is pitched with a metal coating. Foundations - prefabricated, reinforced concrete.

The ground floor comprises an entrance hall, a kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, a living room and a built-in garage. On the second floor there are bedrooms, an office and utility rooms. The floors are connected by type 1 stairs. Steps and platforms are made of precast concrete structures. The building has a basement in which a recreation room, a sauna, utility and technical rooms are designed. The boiler room is supposed to be located at elev. 10 m., On the roof of a residential building.