Technical and economic indicators

  • Residential area 3. 69 hectare
  • Density of residential development 11 950 m2/hectare
  • % of building area 22.8
  • Total area of buildings on the territory of residential development 44115 m2
  • Total area of public premises 4895 m2
  • Total area of residential buildings 39 220 m2
  • Apartments area 28 465 m2
  • Number of residents 1050 persons

At the request of the customer, an adjustment to the design of the planning of the residential area bounded by Oktyabrskaya, Sovetskaya and r. Uvod away in the town of Kokhma, Ivanovo region. This project was completed in February 2011.

The site designated for design is located in the central part of Kokhma, not far from Oktyabrskaya Square and bounded by Oktyabrskaya, Sovetskaya streets and the Uvod river. The area of the residential area is approximately 4.5 hectares. The plot is partially built up and has a slope towards the Uvod river. The approximate elevation difference is 10 m. Currently, the site is free from development, in the southern part there is a newly built five-storey residential building.

The planning of the territory of the residential zone was developed on the basis of the general plan of the city of Kokhma.

On the proposed territory, 2 groups of residential development are designed, consisting of 4-10 - storey apartment buildings. The population of residential buildings is provided with objects of daily maintenance within their territory, as well as objects of periodic maintenance - within the limits of standard availability.

To determine the volume and structure of housing construction, the estimated minimum provision with the total area of ​​residential premises is taken on the basis of the actual statistical data of the Ivanovo region for the settlement periods in accordance with table 4 of the standards for urban planning of the Ivanovo region and for the settlement period for urban settlements until 2015, 26.9 m2/person. The estimated population density of the residential area is 279 people/ha.

The main principle of the design of residential buildings is the organization of closed residential formations with the placement of residential courtyards isolated from the roadway of the street.

Objects of everyday service are designed in the form of built-in and attached public premises in the designed residential buildings and are located on the periphery of residential formations.

The residential area is separated from the Uvod River by a green zone organized for recreation of the population. The population is provided with a territory for arranging a parking lot for storing cars.

The demand of the population for general education, preschool institutions is provided in accordance with the general plan of the city of Kokhma, and provides for the availability of an existing school and the construction of a new attached kindergarten for 70 places within a radius of accessibility.