The basis for the compositional solution for the placement of capital construction objects in the completed project is the organization of direct transport links from Pushkin Square to the city highway st. Kuznechnaya - st. Paris Commune, by creating a full-fledged road along the street Zharova on the site of street Kuznetsova - street Blacksmith's. The main reason for this decision is the impossibility of expanding Kuznetsova Street on the site of ul. Red Dawns - st. Leningradskaya, as well as difficulties in expanding this street in the projected area. Thus, the placement of multi-apartment residential buildings with built-in public premises along the street Zharova emphasizes the direction of the transport highway and separates the historical part of the city from the zone of new high-rise buildings.

Composition of residential buildings on the street Zharova on the site of street Zvereva - street Kuznetsova is due, firstly, to the requirement of insolation for residential buildings located on the opposite side of the street, as well as the preservation of viewpoints on the historic part of the city. On the contrary, on the site of street Kuznetsova - street Kuznechnaya, there are no such requirements, since on the opposite side of the street Zharova is supposed to be public buildings.

The placement of a school for 350 students and the development of high-rise buildings with a significant offset from the red line along Kuznetsova Street made it possible to expand the street space and avoid the "tunnel" effect. Also, the school building does not block the panorama from the city center towards cultural heritage sites, such as 400 apartments residential building on the street Krasnye Zor, 1 and 126 apartments residential building on the street Markhlevsky, 34/45. Organization of public space along the Pavlovsky ravine with the formation of a comfortable urban environment with sports, entertainment and landscape facilities.

Visual accent on street Kuznetsova in the direction of street The post office is a residential building at the intersection of street Postal and street Kuznetsova, which does not violate the structure of the historical center and is located at the closure of the visual space of Kuznetsova Street. And on the closure of the transport axis on the street Kuznetsov is an 8-storey residential building.