Planning and land surveying project for the city of Ivanov, limited by Pushkin square, streets Zharova, Kuznetsova, Markhlevsky, Lomanoy, Yaroslavskaya, Pochtovoy passage, street Kuznechnaya, B. Vorobievskaya, Varentsova, Pochtovoy was completed in accordance with the Resolution of the Administration of the city of Ivanov. The area of the territory within the design boundaries is 38.06 ha.

The planning project of this territory was developed in order to implement plans for the development of the central part of the city of Ivanovo. This documentation includes:

  1. Correction of red lines, highlighting the elements of the planning structure, establishing the boundaries of land plots on which capital construction objects are located, boundaries of land plots intended for the construction and placement of linear objects;
  2. Formation of residential, public zones, zones for the placement of utilities, including in the territories where capital construction objects are located, the type of permitted use and the limiting parameters of which do not correspond to the urban planning regulations determined by the PZZ of Ivanov;

When this goal was achieved, the tasks were solved:

  • to improve living conditions of the population and increase the volume of housing stock;
  • development and improvement of the public service system;
  • to ensure the development and improvement of transport and engineering infrastructures;

The draft territory planning proposes to amend the General Plan of Ivanov in connection with the change in the boundaries and functional purpose of the territorial zones, as well as changes in the location of the main streets.

The territory planning project also proposes amending the PZZ of Ivanov, due to the change in the boundaries of the territorial zones, taking into account the changed red lines and the functional purpose of capital construction and linear facilities.