Technical and economic indicators

  • Building plot area 0.186 he
  • Built-up area 900 m2
  • % of building plot 48
  • Total building area 4000 m2
  • Total area of the 1st floor 670 m2

The proposed site is located in the historical part of Murom and is located in the multifunctional zone of the historical center of IK -1. Nearby there are such monuments of urban planning and architecture of regional and local significance as a water tower (1864), the Zvorykin house (19th century), the building of the former city council (1815), shopping arcades (1816), the identified object - the house of the Ermakov shelter.

Also nearby are the Holy Trinity Women's Monastery (17th century) with the Trinity Cathedral and the gateway tent-roofed Kazan Church and the Annunciation Monastery with the cathedral and gateway church. These ensembles give a unique silhouette of the city from the side of the Oka river.

The highlighted area with its long side is located along Pervomayskaya Street. The area of the site is 0.186 he. The site is completely free from buildings, it has a relief lowering to the northern part. The drop is approximately 1 - 1.5 m.

In accordance with the design assignment, it is proposed to design the projected building as a 6-storey building. Changes to the existing parameters are allowed only within the established limits, ensuring the preservation and successive development of the traditional appearance of the historical core of the city.

The architecture of the projected building corresponds to the appearance of an architectural object of the 19th century. For this, when solving the facades, such architectural elements as arched openings, pylons, cornices were used. These architectural elements are characteristic of the city's historic buildings. Changing the divisions of window openings on floors creates a feeling of lightness of the building. The upper floor is designed in the form of an attic floor, which is divided by hipped-roof turrets, the silhouette and scale of which organically fit into the silhouette of the city.