Technical and economic indicators

  • Building volume 13360 m3
  • Built-up area 650,8 m2
  • Total area 3133,4 m2
  • Effective area 2573,7 m2
  • Estimated area 1371.2 m2

Construction materials

  • Basements piled, reinforced concrete with an estimated load on the pile - 45 tf.
  • Overlapping, covering prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs, monolithic reinforced concrete
  • Walls from silicate bricks, thickness 380 - 510 mm, insulated, insulation thickness 100 mm.
  • Bridges prefabricated reinforced concrete
  • Stairs prefabricated reinforced concrete on metal stringers
  • Roof combined, flat.

The site allocated for the design of the office building is located in the central part of Ivanov, on Pochtovaya Street, near house No. 6, between the building of the Office of the Federal Tax Service for the Ivanovo Region and the one-story administrative building. From the northwest, the site is oriented towards the Pavlovsky ravine. The allocated area is free of development.

At the request of the customer, a 2-6 storey office building has been designed on this site. Due to the peculiarities of the allocated area, the office building is located perpendicular to Pochtovaya Street. The building is located in the alignment with the building of the Federal Tax Service for the Ivanovo region. The building is oriented to Pochtovaya Street by a 2-storey part, where the main entrance to the building is located. In the direction of the ravine, the number of storeys of the building increases from 5 to 6 floors. This compositional decision was caused by the creation of an accent for the viewpoint from the side of Lenin Avenue at the entrance to Pushkin Square from the circus side

The entrance to the office building is from the Pochtovaya street. On the opposite side, a reversal platform with a guest parking for 8 cars is planned. Due to the steep relief, the difference in elevation within the site ranges from 122.0 to 125.5 m., The drainage of surface water from the territory of the site is carried out by a vertical layout to the carriageway of st. Postal and partly into the previously designed storm sewer, passing in the Pavlovsky ravine. The territory of the building is being improved: the entrances to the building are asphalted, pedestrian paths and platforms are organized, the territory is landscaped. Collection of solid household waste is carried out at a special site located on the side of the ravine.