On the basis of the design assignment, a multi-apartment residential building with built-in and attached shops was designed in the allocated area.

The building has 7 above-ground floors and one basement. On the ground and basement floors there are public premises, namely manufactured goods stores. Residential apartments are located on the 2nd - 7th floors. Above is the attic, elevator machine rooms. The roof is flat. The exit to the roof is carried out from the staircase by stairs with reinforced concrete steps.

The first and basement floors have an attached part, which protrudes 6.4 m towards Oktyabrskaya Street. The first and basement floors are occupied by 2 department stores, with a trading area of 245 m2 and 239 m2, and on the 1st floor there are commercial and administrative premises of the stores. All rooms on the 1st floor have natural light. The utility rooms of the shops as well as the technical rooms of the entire building are located in the basement of the building. The main entrances to manufactured goods stores are located in the central part of the building, organized from a common area, but isolated from each other. Each store has a second emergency exit, which are organized at the ends of the building. The 1st floor of the shops is connected to the basement by insulated staircases through the vestibule - a sluice with air pressure in the basement. The basements also have exits directly outside. In the basement of the stores, loading, utility, auxiliary rooms and storerooms for storing goods are organized. The technical premises of the building have entrances isolated from other premises.

Residential building - two-section, apartments are located starting from the 2nd floor of the building. On the floor there are 8 apartments, in each section there are 4 apartments. The entrances to the residential part of the building are organized in the basement from elev. 2.8. The connection between the floors is carried out by a type 1 staircase. The width of the march is 1.2 m. Since the floor level of the apartments on the top floor exceeds the mark. 11.0 m from the ground level, each section has a 630 kg cargo-passenger elevator located within the dimensions of the staircase. For noise insulation of living quarters from the elevator and staircase, the entrance to the apartments is carried out from an additional vestibule adjacent to the staircase. The project also provides for the following measures to reduce noise levels in residential premises:

  • The residential part of the building from the roadway is located at a distance of 25 m.
  • Directly to the elevator shafts are adjacent only non-residential premises, namely, storerooms and hallways.
  • Soundproofing material is used in the construction of the interfloor overlap above the public part.
  • The walls of the stairwells from the side of the stairs are faced with mineral wool slabs.