Technical and economic indicators

  • Total area 1100 sq.m
  • Living space 750 sq.m
  • Built-up area 780 sq.m
  • Building volume 4000 sq.m

Construction materials

  • Roof folded
  • Walls ceramic block, decor
  • Overlapping reinforced concrete slabs
  • Basement monolith

The estate in the form of a palace in the park is created in an eclectic style, which combines various classical trends, from ancient to modern.

The epithets most suitable for this estate are luxurious, festive, respectable.

Particularly noteworthy is the rich and lavish arcade, which is filled with large windows.

They provide a connection between interior and exterior, and also provide the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views.

The landscape on which the palace-castle was erected was arranged as a park zone, reminiscent of the style of the parks of the first half of the 19th century, which were characterized by the variability of space and had a considerable amount of romance in their external appearance.

Open glades with ornamental plantings concentrate around winding paths that unite the main resting places, marked by antique sculptures or fountains.

The palace facades divide the house into two main blocks. One of them is high - for everyday life, and the other includes a pool and sports area

The central element of this part of the building is a round hall under a glass dome.