Technical and economic indicators

  • Built-up area 970 m2
  • Building volume 21 150 m3
  • Total building area 4650 m2
  • Number of beds - places 69

Draft proposal for the placement of a medical building on the territory of the Ivanovo regional hospital of war veterans on the street. Demidova, 9 in the city of Ivanovo executed at the request of the Customer

The medical building is located in the courtyard of the hospital. The entrance to the building is from the lane. Border. The main entrance to the building is also oriented towards the lane Borderline.

The medical building has 5 ground floors, a technical floor and a basement, in which it is proposed to place utility and technical premises necessary for the normal functioning of the building.

On the 1st floor of the building there is a reception area with a separate entrance and a ramp for cars, a lobby with a ramp for people with limited mobility and administrative premises of the hospital.

Ward offices for 23 places each are located on 2-4 floors of the building. The medical building on the 2nd floor is connected by a ground passage with the main building of the state capital. On the 5th floor there is an operating unit for 4 operating rooms.