Project “4-storey apartment building of club type on the street Dzerzhinsky, 9 in Ivanovo "was made at the request of the customer. The volumetric-spatial composition of the projected building meets the requirements of the order. The building is multi-storey. It goes to Dzerzhinsky Street as a 2-storey part and is located in alignment with the existing 1-2-storey buildings. The rise in number of storeys was carried out in alignment with a 3-storey building located on the street. Dzerzhinsky, 1. The total height of the building corresponds to the level of the elevation marks of the house No. 10 (no higher than 15 m from the ground level to the ridge).

Lowering the relief of the site to the street. The pinion made it possible to complete the basement. Also, in the volume of the projected building, an attic floor is provided.

The building is brick, the roof of the truss structure with a roof angle of no more than 250. 2 main options for the color scheme of the facades are proposed. In option 1, the front facing is made of ceramic bricks, facing with ceramic tiles in combination with plaster. Option 2 offers plastering of the entire facade with a softer color scheme. Both options follow the style of the existing buildings.