Technical and economic indicators

  • Total area 1200 sq.m
  • Living space 750 sq.m
  • Built-up area 690 sq.m
  • Building volume 3900 cub.m

Construction materials

  • Roof metal tile
  • Walls sand-lime brick with partial decorative plaster and facing brick
  • Overlapping reinforced concrete slabs
  • Basement monolith

A modern house with a brick façade, using expressive features of two styles - country style and functionalism.

The choice was expressed in forms, materials for construction and decoration. It is worth noting that the clarity of the external forms of the brick facade of the house is a direct quote from the best representatives of European functionalism, where each element is in its place, everything looks balanced, justified, as if it was created specifically for its owner.

The plinth, bay windows and outbuilding, as well as other elements, create architectural nuances that complement the overall silhouette. Therefore, the house does not look so strict and very comfortable.

The monumentality and reliability of a modern house with a brick facade is the best you can expect from a suburban home. And the dark brick finish allows the house to blend in with its surroundings, as it seems that the building has grown out of it and is an integral part of the surrounding landscape.