Technical and economic indicators

  • Total area 320 sq.m
  • Living space 110 sq.m
  • Built-up area 220 sq.m
  • Building volume 1800 cub.m

Construction materials

  • Roof soft
  • Walls sand-lime brick with partial decorative plaster and artificial stone
  • Overlapping reinforced concrete slabs
  • Basement monolithic reinforced concrete

Project of a two-storey residential building with a garage for a truck.

The space-planning solution of the house is due to a large garage, in this regard, the layout of the building is extended into the depths of the site.

A large volume of a garage and a sports hall on the second floor on the facade is shattered by multi-level roofs and window openings with access to balconies. That visually proportionally divides the building and makes the facades more interesting.

The main part of the house is located in the back of the plot in a quiet area with access to the terrace.