The main goals and objectives of the territorial planning of the Podlesnoye rural settlement are the creation of a favorable living environment and sustainable development of the rural settlement, ensuring environmental safety and preserving the natural and cultural heritage. On the territory of the Podlesnoye rural settlement there is a zone of promising urban development of the city of Vologda - these are the most investment attractive territories adjacent to the car bypass of the regional center (existing and planned), as well as to the zones of intersection of the transport ring with the main radial transport directions. These territories will gradually be filled with new residential areas serving business and transport and logistics facilities, environmentally friendly production and communal storage areas.

Also Podlesnoye rural settlement is located in the suburbanization zone of Vologda - territories located approximately within an hour of transport accessibility from the regional center. The territory has a pronounced suburban function. Multifunctional development of the territory is planned on the basis of existing settlements by increasing the area of ​​their lands. The development of low-rise and suburban construction, the formation of their own places of employment at the expense of local, environmentally friendly, industries (including objects of the agro-industrial complex), the active development of service facilities, the development of suburban recreation and tourism are envisaged.