Technical and economic indicators

  • Land area 908 m2
  • Built-up area 523 m2
  • Total area 876 m2

The project of a hotel for 16 people and a dance hall on the street. Comintern in the city of Privolzhsk, Ivanovo region

The site on which the construction of the hotel and the dance hall is supposed to be located in the central part of the development of the Volga urban settlement, not far from the intersection of st. Kominternovskaya and st. Soviet

The area around the building is being improved, and the area of ​​improvement exceeds the area of the site and affects the improvement of city-wide land. The pavements and driveways are supposed to be covered with asphalt concrete and concrete tiles. The project also provides for the arrangement of lawns.

A two-storey public building has been designed on the allocated area. In the part of the building there are premises of the hotel for 16 persons. On the ground floor of this part there is a reception and a sauna. The sleeping rooms are located on the first floor. On the opposite side of the building are the premises of the dance hall. The main entrance is oriented towards Kominternovskaya Street. The dance hall is double-height, with a gallery on the 2nd floor.

Building - 2 - storey, II degree of fire resistance. The building is brick, with a technical basement, the floors are made of prefabricated railways iron concrete slabs. The roof is pitched.

The materials used in the interior design meet the fire safety and sanitary - hygienic requirements. Exterior decoration is carried out in accordance with the color scheme of the facades.