Technical and economic indicators

  • Total area 920 sq.m
  • Living space 690 sq.m
  • Built-up area 730 sq.m
  • Building volume 3800 cub.m

Construction materials

  • Roof folded
  • Walls ceramic block, decor
  • Overlapping reinforced concrete slabs
  • Basement monolith

The project of the facade of the house has a completely unique face, since it can be safely attributed to eclectic architectural forms.

In its appearance, details borrowed from the eras of Baroque, Classicism and Victorian England are noticeable, so the image turned out to be rich in decor and, at the same time, rather sophisticated.

The shades of finishing materials are very restrained, as if speaking about the reliability and durability of this large-scale house, impressive in its size.

In its compositional construction, classical symmetry is noticeable - a principle proven over many centuries.

The original design of the facade complements not only the house itself, but also the surrounding area, from the balustrade crowned with flower pots to carefully paved paths and manicured decorative vegetation.