Technical and economic indicators

  • Approximate land area 4500 m2
  • Built-up area 180 m
  • Total area 160 m2
  • Road surface area 2500 m2

Constructive decisions

  • Climatic construction area II B
  • Estimated average temperature of the coldest five-day period -30 degrees Celsius
  • Standard value of wind pressure 23 kg/m2
  • Estimated value of snow load 240 kg/m2
  • Durability degree II (100 years)
  • Responsibility class II
  • Basements piled, reinforced concrete with an estimated load on the pile - 45 tf
  • Overlapping, covering prefabricated iron concrete slabs, cast iron concrete
  • Walls from silicate bricks, thickness 380 - 510 mm, insulated, insulation thickness 100 mm
  • Bridges prefabricated reinforced concrete
  • Stairs prefabricated railway iron concrete on metal stringers
  • Roof combined, flat
  • Window PVC triple glazed
  • Door blocks entrance - aluminum with glazed canvases, internal - from MDF with blind and glazed canvases, fireproof - in accordance with GOST R 51072-2005

The area where it is planned to design a filling station for 500 requests / day. and a car wash for 2 posts, located in the central part of the development of the Privolzhsky urban settlement on Sovetskaya Street, next to the market, on the site of dismantled railway tracks leading to the industrial zone. The nearest residential development is located to the northeast and not closer than 50 m. The gas station (gas station) is supposed to be designed of a traditional type. The filling station is designed to use grades of AI95, AI 92, and diesel fuel and consists of a one-storey control room, blocked off with a car wash building, a canopy over fuel dispensers and a tank farm. The main facade of the car wash building is oriented towards Sovetskaya Street. Canopy with fuel dispenser located perpendicular to the control room building.

The project provides for 2 options for movement on the territory of the gas station.

The entrance to the territory of the gas station is made from the newly designed direction of Sovetskaya street (option 1) and from the street. Railway (option 2). The exit from the territory of the gas station is designed for the Stations.

On the territory of the filling station, the building of an operator's room with a canopy over the fuel dispensers was designed. The control room building has dimensions in the axes of 10.40 x 6.60 m. The control room building includes an operator's room, a staff room and wardrobe, a minor repair shop, an electrical room, a water metering unit and sanitary bridles for visitors and staff. There are no service rooms for drivers and passengers of vehicles. The maximum number of personnel per shift is 2 people.

The building of the control room is of frame type, the external walls are made using a vertical facade system using sandwich panels Trimoterm SNV with a smooth profile manufactured by Trimo-VSK LLC

The interior decoration uses certified materials that meet the requirements of fire safety and sanitary - hygienic requirements. The walls are lined with gypsum board on a metal frame. Further, the walls are painted with water-based paint or faced with ceramic tiles in wet rooms. The floors on the escape routes are made of ceramic tiles. Suspended ceiling - "Armstrong" type or made of gypsum plasterboard on a metal frame.