Area allocated for the design of a gas station for 500 requests / day. on the street Kineshemskaya, 61, is located in the northern part of the development of the Vichuga urban district, on the western side of the Vichuga - Kineshma highway. The area of the allocated plot is 4998 sq. m. Gas station (gas station) - traditional type, designed to use grades of gasoline AI95, AI 95e, AI 92 and diesel fuel. The filling station consists of a one-storey building of the operator's room (item 1 l. GP2), a canopy over fuel dispensers (fuel dispensers) and a tank farm (items 4,5,6). The main facade of the operator's building is oriented towards Kineshemskaya Street. The canopy (item 2) with the fuel dispenser (item 3) are located perpendicular to the control room building. To the north of the site there is a reservoir that is used as a fire-fighting reservoir.

On the basis of clause 17 of NPB 111, the movement of vehicles through the territory of the gas station is designed one-way with separate entry and exit, and the movement of the auto tank (AC) with fuel on the territory of the gas station is projected on a separate lane, bypassing the fuel dispenser.

Due to the fact that the movement of the AC from the filling stations to the exit from the territory of the filling station should, as a rule, be designed along the shortest path, the tank farm with the site for the AC is designed from the side of the exit from the territory of the filling station, which ensures safety during the operation of the filling station. The distance from the site for the AC (item 7) to the fuel dispenser (item 3) is 28 m, which makes it possible to operate the filling station while filling the tanks with fuel from the AC (item 3 of NPB 111).

The platform for the AC with liquid motor fuel is equipped with a flange with a height of at least 150 mm, ramps (flat sides of the platform) for the safe entry and exit of a tanker (clause 35 NPB 111), a single-walled emergency tank and a drain pipeline, which provide fuel drainage from the site without overflowing it to the rest of the filling station in case of possible depressurization of the AC drain pipe.

On the territory of the filling station, a building of an operator's room with a canopy over the fuel dispensers was designed. The control room building has dimensions in the axes of 10.40 x 6.60 m. The building of the control room is of frame type, the outer walls are made using a vertical facade system using sandwich panels Trimoterm SNV with a smooth profile manufactured by Trimo-VSK LLC

The interior decoration uses certified materials that meet the requirements of fire safety and sanitary - hygienic requirements. The walls are lined with gypsum board on a metal frame. Further, the walls are painted with water-based paint or faced with ceramic tiles in wet rooms. The floors on the escape routes are made of ceramic tiles. Suspended ceiling - "Armstrong" type or made of gypsum plasterboard on a metal frame.

Exterior decoration is carried out in accordance with the facade decoration passport and recommendations for the use of the corporate identity of OAO LUKOIL, namely, the exterior panels of the control room are painted white. The main style-forming elements in the design of the canopy are double columns and the branding of the frieze using the K-shaped form.