Technical and economic indicators

  • Number of employees 130 persons
  • Building volume 8274,2 m3
  • Basement construction volume 895,6 m3
  • Construction volume of TP 160 m3
  • Built-up area 438,7 m2
  • Building area TP 6/04 kV 57,2 m2
  • Total area of the administrative building 1785,3 m2
  • Useful area of the administrative building 1520.0 m2
  • Estimated area of the administrative building 1295.7 m2
  • Total area of transformer substation 6/04 kV 40,92 m2
  • Useful area of transformer substation 6/04 kV 37,62 m2

The plot allocated for the construction of an administrative building on the street Krutitskaya, 8/2 in Ivanovo is located in the central part of Ivanov at the intersection of Krutitskaya and Sovetskaya streets.

The projected building is free planning. The main entrance to the building is located from Krutitskaya Street. The entrance to the building consists of a vestibule, which contains the entrance to the main staircase. There are also bathrooms and a security room in the lobby. The rest of the premises on the ground floor are administrative and technical. A separate entrance to the premises for working with clients has been designed from the courtyard side. The second staircase faces Sovetskaya Street. Both stairs have isolated exits to the site. At the end of the building from the side of Sovetskaya Street, at the request of the customer, a transformer station was designed in the arch.

The above floors are occupied by administrative premises. Next to the main staircase are the bathrooms for the building employees.

The materials used in the interior design meet the fire safety and sanitary - hygienic requirements. The walls are plastered or revetted with gypsum board on a metal frame. In the attic floor, structures are faced with 2 layers of plasterboard. Further, the walls are painted with water-based paint or covered with structural wallpaper.