Principles of yard layout near a private house

Yard - part of the land plot appertaining to a private house. It is divided into the front or court of honour yard and the back yard. The front yard is between the facade of the house and the fence. It is open to everyone who wants to look behind the fence, and it’s a “claim to fame” of the owners. For this reason, its decoration is treated with a special attention to detail. The backyard is behind the house and is hidden from view. There is a secluded resting place, farm buildings, poultry and animals are housed. The layout of the yard largely depends on the size of the plot and the needs of the family. But there are general principles of its improvement, which is followed by the majority. In the list of objects located in the yard technical buildings and decorative elements of the landscape are made. The former are a necessity because they provide comfort to the owners of the house, and the latter are needed to meet their aesthetic needs. Objects of technical importance include a garage, parking, summer kitchen, guest house, garden-house, dog booth. The garage and car park are usually located right behind the gates, while other structures are located at the back of the yard, where no noise from the road and no street dust can penetrate. The dog booth or kennel is located in a blind corner, but not too far from the outside fence. Objects of decoration, such as flower beds, ponds, deciduous and coniferous trees, lawns, small architectural structures and so on. Their number depends on the area of the yard and such elements in most situations are located along fences and walls of farm buildings. The space just before the porch is not allowed to be filled with vegetation - it should remain free for movement. Paving tiles or other pavement are laid at the entrance to the house. Exception to the rules is when the yard is spacious enough, flowerbeds are laid out near the porch to the side of the steps, where flowerbeds do not interfere with movement.

Rest area in the front yard

A garden-house or awning both are usual to be placed in the front yard. They are surrounded by flower beds and curly plants and together form a landscape composition. If there is space available, the view of the yard can be complemented by any hydraulic structure: a waterfall, a fountain, an artificial pond. The proximity of water contributes to a special microclimate, especially desirable near the place of rest. It is very popular to arrange a patio in front of the porch. Proximity to the front door of the house allows you to spend every free minute outdoors. Here you can have a cup of coffee in the morning, gather with your family for evening tea or converse in confidential tones for a while with your friends. A table and a few chairs ought to be provided on a small paved area, which are essential items in the arrangement of the patio area. Potted plants and vapoury window blinds are used to create a cozy atmosphere, providing light shade, comfortable wicker furniture and sofa cushions. Next thing is also important. On the territory of the front yard you may create a proper place of rest. It can be implemented in case when it is isolated from the road by a blind fence or a high hedge. Otherwise, it will not be very comfortable to spend time for a heartfelt conversation at the sight of strangers. Moreover, you will not be able to relax in a hammock or on a garden sofa swing.

How to make backyard comfortable.

The project of a backyard with a pergola, patio area and pond. The space between the house and the garden is used in two directions: for a garage with parking for the car and for a place to relax. If there is enough space, you can do both by dividing the hedge, vertical green screen or flower garden. In this case the parking garage is located closer to the gate. The backyard is the best place to set up a rest area near a private house. Here it is easy to create a completely isolated space, inaccessible to the eyes of neighbors and street dust. On one side it is protected from the wind by a wall of the house, on the other side by a fruit garden, and on the side of the neighboring plot is separated by a fence. Having built a light canopy, you can spend time in the recreation area in the backyard without fear of summer rain.

Landscape design of a private house plot from greenfield to operations.

This is the most convenient place to build a barbecue area, install a charcoal grill or fold a garden stove. It is also a suitable area to create a sports ground, a place for children's games with sandpit and swings. The backyard, regardless of its purpose, decorated with different types of flower beds, it is appropriate to plant tall conifers and deciduous trees.

Landscape features of the yard

The total area of the land plot does not always affect the size of the yard. Rather, how much land can be allocated to the yard area depends on whether the owners plan to grow vegetables and fruits or not. If so, a small plot of land often gives priority to flower, fruit and vegetable garden instead of the yard area.

Design of a small yard

In the lot of six hundred square meters it is difficult to make a large yard, but you can mislead perception and expand it visually. A tiny pond will attract the attention and distract from the surrounding background. The illusion of expanding the area is stronger if the water reservoir has an elongated shape. In this case the best idea is to place the pond along the longest line. The same effect of enlarging space can be achieved in a landscape with a fountain mounted on a hilltop. If it has an elongated shape, a small strip of ground between the facade and the fence is left for the front garden. Best of all is to occupy this area with paving, leaving narrow strips of earth along the perimeter of the fence for flowerbeds. Good option also when the flower garden is made up behind the fence. It will visually move the yard a little away from the road and put a positive spin on its narrowness. In such a situation, the garage takes up space in the corner, and the parking is also taken out of the fence. Solution is to build a rest place near the house with a small yard in the backyard. It will be quieter to spend your leisure time here. In some cases the garden-house can be arranged close to the house and has the common wall with it.

Illumination is an important detail in the design of the yard.

An essential detail in the arrangement of the yard is illumination. The main objects to be illuminated in the first place are the front porch, alleys, household outbuildings and recreational areas. Electric outdoor lights are suspended above the porch. They are mounted in such a way that you can clearly see the steps of the stairs. It is important to illuminate particularly dangerous areas on track routes: slopes, bends, steps. Solar-powered garden lights are often used for this purpose. They just have to be stuck into the ground on the roadsides. Garden lights are convenient because there is no need to use any wiring and no electric energy consumption. However, this kind of illumination can’t provide the full light. When it rains, there's not enough sunlight to charge them. Therefore, if possible, in autumn and winter it is better to organize electric lighting.