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Architecture, or art of building, means the art of designing and building objects that form an architectural and spatial environment for human life and activity. Works of architecture are buildings, ensembles, planning and development of cities, settlements. Part of architecture is landscape architecture as a way of forming elements of natural environment.

In the works of architecture the solution of practical problems is directly related to artistic creativity, the creation of an architectural image, which is part of the material culture of society.

The main priority in the activities of our company is the creation of an architectural object, from the idea - concept to the end of construction. And the main task is the creation of an architectural object that meets all the wishes of the customer, the requirements of urban planning and legislation, the principles of aesthetic and artistic perception.

When creating an architectural image of any object, artistic means are selected taking into account the purpose of the building, aesthetic patterns and psychological perception. Also, the architectural image of the building is based on the harmonious unity of the external volume of the building with the space of the interior and the environment.


The main kinds of work we do.

  • development of City General Plan, projects of area planning;
  • creation of projects of individual residential buildings, apartment buildings, public, industrial buildings, including the design of new and reconstruction of existing buildings;
  • redesign of premises;
  • interior design;
  • engineering support, pipelines and networks;
  • technical conformance on compliance of constructed objects with the requirements of Technical regulations of the Russian Federation. assistance in selection of materials;
  • assistance in selection of materials;
  • authorial architectural supervision.